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Global Scale We accept identity documents
from all around the world

Our partner network allows us to complete fast and accurate identity verification from over 150 countries

How our identity engine works

Product One simple dashboard
to manage your verifications

The Passbase dashboard gives you all the tools to verify and onboard new users faster and with bank-level confidence.


A JavaScript code snippet that helps you to integrate the Passbase button into your website.


An iOS SDK in Swift, to natively integrate the Passbase Button into your App.

Android SDK NEW

An Android SDK in Kotlin, to natively integrate the Passbase Button into your App.

Created for developers

Our products are built to save your engineering team time and effort. We hide all the complexity of identity verification behind a few lines of code.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Just a few lines of code
  • All set up in under 3 minutes
                                                <!-- Place this javascript source tag in the header of every page that should include the button -->
                                               <script   type="text/javascript" src="https://app.passbase.com/button.js"></script>

                                                <!-- Place the code below where you want your button to appear -->
                                                 <div  id="passbase-button"></div>
                                                 <script  type="text/javascript">
                                                $(function() {
                                                  Passbase.renderButton(document.getElementById("passbase-button"), (err, passport) => {
                                }, '71c1c453e08c98285188cb5471c8d7215284a696a7238e9094b0fb7');
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Who we are

Our team consists of cyber security and machine learning experts dedicated to building the future of identity.

What we stand for

Our products are built to enable user driven security and privacy protocols to give people back control.

Simple Documentation and API Structure

Our documentation was written for developers,
to help them implement user identification as easy as possible.

  • Easy integration

    We provide a webhook to send user data from our dashboard to your own backend.

  • Multiple languages

    We offer integrations for web (Javascript), iOS (Swift) and Android (Java & Kotlin).

  • Built to scale

    From startups to large enterprises, our tools can be customized to manage a businesses of all scales.

                                                         email: felix@passbase.com
                                                         first_name: Felix
                                                         last_name: Gerlach
                                                         date_of_birth: 1991-05-27
                                                         over_18: TRUE
                                                         over_21: TRUE
                                                         document_type: Passport
                                                             passport_number: 1243312232
                                                         expiry_date: 2021-08-15
                                                         citizenship: Germany
                                                         geo_location: Berlin, Germany 
                                                        liveness: passed
                                                         facematch: 95%
                                                         document_authenticity: 98%
                                                         verified: TRUE;
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Pricing Easy to get started

Your first 50 verifications are on us, no strings attached. Learn more about our plans.

0$ / verification


50 verifications free

  • Test environment
  • Developer support
  • Full api access
  • Webhook
  • Full features
  • Live production
Subscription $0 / month

Get Started
1.50$ / verification


<1500 verifications / month

  • Liveness Detection
  • Facematch
  • ID Authenticity
  • Webhook
  • Fraud Detection
  • Watch List Check
Subscription $99 / month

Schedule demo
1.25$ / verification


<5000 verifications / month

  • Liveness Detection
  • Facematch
  • ID Authenticity
  • Webhook
  • Fraud Detection
  • Watch List Check
Subscription $299 / month

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Passbase completely free to use?


    No, but we do give new customers 50 free verifications no questions asked. After that it’s $1.50 per verification and only getting cheaper with increasing amount of monthly verifications.

  • Does Passbase integrate with my existing database?


    Yep. We do offer a dashboard for all clients to manage their usebase but you can also send the date to your own backend via a webhook.

  • What data does Passbase store about my users?


    We offer users access to their own identity profile, including information collected during sign up. Passbase itself does not have access to any of this data.

  • When can I start using Passbase at my company?


    We are in a closed beta with a few select customers with a full launch scheduled for October 2019. Sign up today or reach out to us, if you want access earlier.

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